Our Equipment

Armed with the best equipment and professionals in the industry, contact us to see how we can provide quality and cost effective solutions for your next project.

“Davi” Plate Roller.

Capacity to roll mild steel up to 4 ¼” wall thickness and up to 10’ lengths for Cylinders, Cylinder Segments, Rings, Cans etc.

Press 1250

1250 ton CNC Press Brake, Bending Capacity ¼” to 2 ½” steel plate, Forms 2” steel plate to 10’ length. Forms 1” steel plate to 22’ length. Maximum steel plate thickness is 4”

Press 2500

2500 ton CNC Press Brake with 100% duty cycle, custom built for pressing high strength Q & T steel for the Oil & Gas , Petrochemical and Mining Industries. Bending capacity ¼” to 6” steel plate. Forms 2” steel plate to 24’ length and 3” plate up to 10’ length.

Crane 20 Ton

Six overhead gantry cranes, 20 ton capacity, coverage of the entire workshop and move steel sections from one station to the next.